Hardware Development Solutions

Having strong knowledge and best practices, we are able to support a service starting from electronics components selection till pre-production and post production. On beginning of each project, still under requirement phase analysis, we will always consider developments for mass production. That's the reason to use most of components as surface mounting technology, avoiding human interventions under production. For us, layout of components on PCB is also critical due to signals, power lines and ground planes. A good layout can reduce issues on products assembly, reducing costs.
For each render of service, we are able to assembly own prototypes creating a closer relation with client and avoiding external entities. Normally we make some development cycles with more than one prototype until to rise to a final result able to go to mass production. Is is desirable and a target to reduce to limit the number of development cycles, but this is complexity dependent.

Software Consultancy

Taking the advantage to develop software and firmware for own products, Spin&Turn can provide consultant services on different areas. Please, contact us to get more information.