wIDA - wireless Industrial DATA Access, a solution for industrial data acquisition and remote acting

The wIDA is a full wireless solution that allows for an expeditious way the collection of data production on a given industry. Typically the processed parameters are: production time, halt time, number of pieces produced, load factor, efficiency, among others. Also through a console, we can have the amount of no ok pieces. The data collected can be correlated with values obtained from the referenced ERP, for a given piece and for a given production order. 

Retail market soluctions

A set of Applications for Smartphones and also an integrated solution to improve clients experience on shops, promoting an increase of sales.
The devices are mirroring to a common TV through Wi-Fi network where the switching is controled by software and following a given logic. The Client interacts with exposed Smartphone App where events are collected for statics purpose. A good complementary feature for thefts which events are detected and discouraged.

SUC82x alarm

The SUC82x alarm is a device to send SMS on events detection and very simple to install. It is supplied on IP56 enclose and very easy to configure, where no additional equipment is required (configuration can be done by using a mobile phone keypad). It can be powered by AA type batteries and still with long life cycle (more than two years on stand-by).