The wIDA is a full wireless solution that allows for an expeditious way the collection of data production on a given industry. Typically the processed parameters are: production time, halt time, number of pieces produced, load factor, efficiency, among others. Also through a console, we can have the amount of no ok pieces. The data collected can be correlated with values obtained from the referenced ERP, for a given piece and for a given production order.


  • Real time data acquisition - micro halts detection;
  • Support to implement Pull / Kanban System;
  • Simple to install, full wireless based solution;
  • Simple to consult, WEB based solution;
  • Simple to setup and configure;
  • Full ERP interconnection;
  • Graphical analysis;
  • Status alarm indication through SMS/eMail;
  • Shop floor touch screen monitor;


  • Plastic injection;
  • Press-brakes;
  • Cutters;
  • Lathes;
  • CNCs cutters, drills;
  • CNC electrical discharge machines;
  • ...